Challenging day on the water

After some research on the FWP website, it turns out the regular season runs until November 30th in Montana. Good news, I thought last weekend was my last chance to get out on some creeks. Thurston and I headed down to Kootenai Creek on Saturday for some trout fishing. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Mid 50’s, overcast and no breeze to speak of.


The water flows were moving solidly. This is apparently a very different creek than the one it is in late summer. It’s a half mile hike before you hit public lands. I quickly decided waders are NOT fun for hiking. I can’t wait to get back to wet wading…

I’ve mentioned before that I’m lazy when it comes to angling. I had the same ant with an indicator tied on with a nymph dragging after that i uaed to catch a whitefish on another creek last week. I had no clue what the trout would be interested in so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did. Five minutes in the first hole and I had a nice little 7-8″ cutt take the ant.
Thurst and I moved up stream a bit quicker than normal. Thurst pulled an 8″ cutt out a few holes later.





Up stream a bit further I managed to snag a 5″ and another 7-8″ cutt after having switched to a madam x. We decided to call it a day. Both of us were having a hard time seeing the fly on the water and it was starting to drizzle a bit. All in all it was a fantastic day. The water flows may be a sign that creek fishing is done for the year. No big deal, the whitefish season starts on Rock Creek December first!

Happy angling!

One more pic courtesy of Thurston. I tend to not be seen in photos so it was awesome when he showed me this one after we got back to the trailhead!

Oh, and just to make any beer fans jealous, we had some Allies Win the War at the trailhead to celebrate the day. Later that night we went to a beer tasting, an amazing spread!


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