Fall Fishing

Creek fishing in Montana ends in early November so, I’ve been getting to a local spot every chance I get. My wife had a Law School event today and I had nothing going on so I threw on the long johns and waders and spent a couple hours chasing fish.

39 degrees and snow. Winter is on its way. I started near a spot I had some bites last weekend. No action but some odd looks and “Catch anything?” from passers-by headed to the football game.

Starting at that bridge I worked my way up stream. Hitting any piece of creek that looked decent. No action at all. But it was a gorgeous day to be on the water.







Couple of ducks hanging out.

I decided I’d call it a day when I got to the train tracks. Then I noticed a shimmer in the water and saw a couple fish swimming about 10 feet from me. I cast to them a few times with no interest and they moved on. At least I knew there was something in there, I just wasn’t showing it anything it wanted.


As I got closer to the tracks I saw more and more fish. I’d tried several kinds of flies since i started the day, oki kebari, madam x, royal wulff, even a San Juan worm. Near the tracks were between 20-30 fish hanging out near the bottom. Since it looked like they were all pretty deep and none were reacting to anything near the surface I decided I’d try to get down deep as a last ditch effort. I put on about 6 feet of tippet, an ant with an indicator went on about two feet from the line then a copper John went on at the end. Have I mentioned that I’m not a tenkara purist in any sense? Nor do I know if that combination even made any sense in that situation. I do know it got a result.


First time I’ve caught something other than a trout. Was informed by a friend that it was a whitefish(sucker) and “it didn’t count”. Well, as I mentioned I’m no traditionalist. It has gills, it lives in a creek and it fought when I hooked it. Not as exciting as a trout but I was not skunked.

All in all, a great day on the water. I got to explore some new spots on a local creek, the sun decided to poke out and it was a hell of a lot better than sitting at home watching Netflix. Oh and the pics? A bit hazy because they were taken with a phone double bagged for protection from water. Ziplocks add a nice Diana style effect, don’t you think?

Happy angling!

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