Friday on Rattlesnake Creek

With friends coming in to town I thought it would be a good day to take off from work. They aren’t due in until late afternoon though so, a quick morning fishing trip with my friend Chad was in order.

7:45 may have been a bit early in hindsight. Fishing the Clark Fork, we saw one fish lazily rise but it wasn’t looking at anything Chad or I had tied on. He had to be to work by 9:30 but as I had nowhere to go I went back down and started fishing up the Rattlesnake Creek. Working a few spots I had some action in last weekend got me nothing. I was about to call it a morning when I decided to hit one last hole. I tied on a madam x and bounced it off some concrete next to a bridge. It must’ve looked enough like a terrestrial as a fish came out and struck hard. I set the hook and started working to draw the fish across the creek and it wouldn’t budge. By far the biggest I’ve had on a tenkara line so far. It was having none of my bs, it splashed the surface and threw the hook and was gone.

I’m quickly falling in love with this little creek. It’s extremely challenging, close to home and gorgeous. As my friend Chad said on my Facebook wall though, “fishin my turf? I’ll cut you!” Maybe I should keep any future trips there to myself…

Side note, cheapo waterproof camera let me down again. Took a few nice pics but none of our computers will recognize the device. Lame. I guess it’s time to look seriously at GoPros…

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