Solo trip report

The memory card in my cheap camera is apparently corrupt. Bummer, as I had a few nice shots from my quick trip to Rattlesnake Creek yesterday afternoon. I started where it empties in to the Clark Fork. I had a madam x tied on from my last trip and since I’m lazy that’s what I cast. On my third or fourth cast I had a good sized fish take a bite but it quickly threw the hook. My experience on the Rattlesnake is that after one good look they aren’t coming back for more. I spent another five minutes or so casting to the same area with no luck.

It was my first time out with waders and while I still prefer to wet wade I see why some people like using them year round. I made my way up the creek, switching to an Oki Kebari to try and hit a few deeper holes. Right next to a bridge is the spot that I went out with the intention of getting a fly in. A cutbank under a tree with a few small “falls” directing a lot of food to any fish living there. I switched to a #16 royal wulff and dropped it right in the middle of the hole. I saw the fish rise but it didn’t take the fly. One more cast to the same spot and a nice 7-8″ fish came to hand.

More than happy with that I called it quits. On my way out I pulled a beer bottle, vodka bottle, soda bottle, plastic grocery bag and a bunch of ziplock bags out. It’s really a bummer to see so much trash in such a short section of water.

I’ll be heading down to that section again and hopefully the camera, and the trout, will cooperate.

Happy angling.

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