Two short drives

It seems we’re having a bit of a slow start to the blog. I apologize to anyone who may be reading. I assure you, the ball will get rolling.

For now, a couple of trip updates. Since the outing on the Clark Fork/Rattlesnake Creek I’ve been out a few times. Once, to the north fork of the Blackfoot(did I mention I live in Missoula? A river really does run through it…) and once to Rock Creek.

The Blackfoot was an excellent trip. A good friend made a quick trip “home” from California. He, his brother and I piled into the car and had one of the best days fishing I’ve had thus far. Not numbers wise, but just excellent in a way that only people with brothers know. And while I may be an only child, these two are truly my brothers.

The Big Blackfoot

We managed to not get skunked, Chad taking the largest of our three catches by a good margin.

Catch of the day

The next trip was to Rock Creek Montana. I’m not sure whether its more famous for the fishing or Testicle Festival but, either way it was my first time stopping for anything other than gas. Ross, Matt and I got on the water around nine after a slow start. Ross’ late night out worked out fine, it gave Matt and I a chance to walk to Bernice’s for a couple of coffees. I also had a bit of clean up to take care of upon arrival, my trust in Camelbak bladders is completely broken at this point…

Once on the water it was an excellent morning. Ross quickly pulled a 13″ brown out of a hole he’d fished a few weeks prior. It’s fun to think it was the same fish, although if it was I’m sure fun isn’t the word the trout would use to describe the experience.

Ross on Rock Creek

There was a lot of bushwhacking on this trip. I was extremely glad I’d decided on shoes rather than my normal Five Fingers but more than once I was also wishing for a pair of waders or pants. Each time out I learn a bit more of why anglers have the gear they do and am stacking up a sizable list of items to find money for in the future.

I managed to get into a few fish. One nice 8.5″ came out of a hole in front of a log jam. I fumbled around for my camera too long and ended up releasing him rather than dealing with it any longer. Just around a bend I took three more to hand and that was it for me. I had a few strikes and watched my fly bounce of one fishes back, but none would take it. My four catches were especially exciting as all came on an oki kebari. I’ve finally learned the correct way to fish this fly and now really see its appeal. I also fished a level line for the first time. Well, fished it correctly for the first time. I gave it a go on the Blackfoot the week prior but the knots I chose were all horrible decisions and I couldn’t make a decent cast to save my life. Not so this time around.

One of four

Didn’t get a shot of the big guy and this one came out a bit blurry. Still learning the cheapo cam’s quirks.

Matt was sadly skunked this trip. Several bites but the fish just wouldn’t take. It happens, I just always not-so-secretly hope that the two tenkara anglers have the best day.

Matt hitting one of many nice holes

As if the fishing wasn’t enough, we hit The Old Post for Bloody Mary’s once we got back to Missoula. Thirteen days on the water for me since picking up tenkara and each time out I feel like my skills improve. Not only that, I have excellent days with friends enjoying the amazing places that surround our home.

Until next time, happy angling.

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