Local Waters

I work about 5 minutes from the Clark Fork River in Missoula Montana.
Yes, the same Missoula and Clark Fork from A River Runs Through It.
Even though I just recently took up fishing I’ve long had an
appreciation for where I live. Now, I get to fish some of the same
waters Norman and Paul did years ago.

Thursday after work I met two of my fishing buddies, Ross and
Thurston, for a short stop on the Clark Fork. I was still rigged up
from my trip on Sunday so the normally short process of getting ready
was even shorter for me. Ross and Thurst fish with Western Fly rods,
while they were getting set I helped myself to some Bourbon Barrel
Aged Single Malt IPA Thurston brought back from Helena. An excellent
start to the evening.

We headed down and all spread out a bit. It’s been pretty smokey due
to the forest fires lately so it was pretty empty on the water. Ross
and Thurston hit the Clark Fork itself and I headed to where
Rattlesnake Creek joins up. I was the only one who ended up with a
fish to hand. A nice little 5″ rainbow on a fly I bought from Tenkara
USA. First fish caught on a kebari.

Sadly, we also pulled out a sizeable amount of beer cans. At least we
left it cleaner than we found it.

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